So excited this morning when I found out that I won first place for a global logo design competition!

When they opened up the voting for 2nd place to the public, both of my designs were ont the list so I thought they had chosen a different design for first place. Little did I know, my design was their choice! 

Here is what the RSD had to say:

In picking this entry as the winner, the panel of experts said:

"The selected design perfectly reflects the spirit and objectives of the Year of Information Governance Achievement. This logo enables easy interpretation by the very compact nature of the acronym, "IGA", and provides strong visual connection with global community. Furthermore, the logo lends itself well to being adapted to various media and communication applications."

The proposed design was originally in black and white, and the author indicated the possibility to recolor it. Here is an example of color versions made by our designers.

Check out the RSD website here: